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In memory of...

Dad, Kath, Tony, Steve and way too many other family and friends.

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Re-post this in your LiveJournal if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer.

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Canteen - young people living with cancer

Back at work for a rest :)

I've had a totally hectic week and a bit, culminating in the weekend where the family camped in my backyard. It was a hoot, but very tiring. My theory about returning to work for a rest didn't work out and so far I've had to put in long hours there for reasons that I'm totally baffled by.

On the domestic front, I discovered that the reason that my reasonably new kitchen cupboards were starting to "fray" was that they still had the protective plastic coating on them from the factory. So, on the weekend, we spent a rather manic half hour or so peeling my kitchen. My goodness, how much shinier are those bloody cupboards now! And who the hell knew that cupboard came in condoms? In my defense, I bought the house with the kitchen already installed.

Since deciding to take up the c25k challenge I've had the flu/hayfever/sanity and so far Ive done...zip. I told my doctor that I was going to do it (c25k) last night (flu innoculation time here!) and he said "Good grief, that's over 500 metres a week! Are you mad?" I think I love my doctor. He greeted me at the surgery door with "Guess what I just bought at ThinkGeek?!" and forty-five minutes and a sore arm later, I left. During that time we discussed Star Trek, the Sydney Olympics, computer jokes and Star Wars light sabres (that's what he'd bought at ThinkGeek). We also watched the bit of the opening ceremony where the flame got stuck and Cathy Freeman got soaked. And to our shame, we couldn't remember the name of the sixth woman - there was Dawn Fraser, Shirley Strickland, Shane Gould, Raelene Boyle, Betty Cuthbert and...and...that woman who won the 400m hurdles in 1988 in a boilover...damn.
Edited to add: Debbie Flintoff-King! Sorry Deb, you rock.


It's the Folk from Canadia's fault...

It's true, I've been sucked into the c25k vortex. I'm going to give it a go. My best shot. Take it for the team. Have a red hot. Give it a whirl.

Yes, I am insane. Thanks for noticing.

I've downloaded the first podcast, established that my sports bra is a dead parrot and just renewed my prescription for Ventolin. I'm going in! Wheeeeeee.

Except, today it's raining, so maybe I'll start tomorrow. Honestly, I could procrastinate for Australia.

Dog update: Absolutely fine. No nasty after affects. Except my Visa card, which lies battered and bruised and making tiny "eep" sounds.

Damn, it's (gonna be) noisy here...

You know all that quiet I had, well it's over - well & truly. Not only is the dog back (and bouncing) but my brother and his family are coming up here next weekend to pitch a tent in the backyard.

Oh. My. God.

The tent is 5x2 metres, which sounds pretty big to me. They want to try it out and as their place is too small... Apparently, my niece (who is six) is totally pumped about camping in my backyard. It should be a total hoot. My poor neighbours.

Damn, it's quiet here...

The "puppy" is at the vet's. She ate (I think) one of my back pain tablets so she's on a precautionary drip and medication. It's so...quiet here. Sigh. With a bit of luck, she'll be home tomorrow afternoon. After which, my Visa Card will be in an iron lung. Siiiiiigh.

The Janeway Lives! Challenge is going very well. I've had a couple of entries and so far, they've all been excellent. Only eight months to go, so if you haven't written your fixerupper yet, get started!

Currently, I'm on a week's leave and I'm up at Budgie (again). Apart from the quiet (sigh), it's just damn fantastic here. I've not been doing much of anything. Done a little bit of gardening and built a website but apart from that, nothing.

Boy, it's quiet here.